Beautiful Freak

Beautiful Freak Manchild
Your Lucky Day In Hell
Guest List
My Beloved Monster
Not Ready Yet
Beautiful Freak
Rags To Rags
Novocaine For The Soul

Electro Shock Blues

Electro Shock Blues The Medication Is Wearing Off
Dead Of Winter
Ant Farm
Climbing To The Moon
Last Stop: This Town
3 Speed
Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor

Daisies Of The Galaxy

Daisies Of The Galaxy Mr E's Beautiful Blues
Something Is Sacred
It's A Motherfucker
Daisies Of The Galaxy
I Like Birds
The Sound Of Fear
Packing Blankets
Grace Kelly Blues


Souljacker Bus Stop Boxer
Friendly Ghost
Woman Driving, Man Sleeping
Souljacker Pt. 1


Non-album Fucker